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Federated Fluther is coming!

2:36 pm

We’re very pleased to announce Federated Fluther, a Q&A platform for websites. It’s a new way for sites to get Fluther-powered Q&A on their site, and to expand our knowledge network across the web.

Federated Fluther is the next step in Fluther’s core vision. Fluther has always been about connecting people through knowledge, and Federated Fluther expands this by spreading Fluther into existing websites and communities. We’re excited to see this deepen and enrich the Fluther community and also provide a fantastic product to many sites.

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federated tab

What does this mean for Jellies?

Questions in the General Section that match to federated sites will be visible to those communities of experts — meaning better answers to your questions, which we think is the most important thing we can provide. If we send a question about solar panels to a solar panel expert on a federated partner and it gets high quality answers, we think that’s a big step forward.

We also match questions from our federated communities to you and showcase them in the Federated Section, which will mean more questions coming in about different topics, leading to more activity and new people to learn from and connect with.

At the end of the day, what’s great about Federated Fluther is that even though people will be interacting with it from partner sites, they’re still using the Fluther Network. It’ll just be that much bigger of a collective to tap.

Federated Fluther is currently in private beta–we’re actively signing up select partners, and the new tab is only visible to beta users. For now, things will be operating as normal. But it should be ramping quickly, and we can’t wait to show you the future of Fluther and the upcoming era of knowledge networking.