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Fittest to print.

7:45 am

You can never really prepare yourself for the time when your beautiful face is shown more prominently than your business partner’s in a world-class print publication. Let me tell you, it’s a huge rush: even larger than the rush one may feel at seeing oneself represented in an ephemeral jumble of 1’s and 0’s — only to disappear at the whim of the next updated oil price, political turmoil, or jaunt by Paris Hilton.

This is a true accomplishment — not only having a pull quote under your name — but let’s be serious: it’s in the Library of Congress.

Thanks to my agents, to Marci Alboher for pasting my wonderful kisser in both print and on the web in her new blog entry, and of course, the little people.

Finally, I can’t begin to show appreciation for the veritable geyser of kindness people have shown me. I can’t tell you how much the well-wishing, financial contributions, and three proposals have done for my spirits. Thank you.

Unstaggered modesty and panache