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Fluther is growing up.

9:23 pm

First, we’d all like to share with you our big news.

We started Fluther a few years ago: two guys who had never done a lick of web coding in their life, with a vision to create a space on the internet with heart and intelligence.

Now, we’ve raised some money from some very, very special people in the Valley. You can see the story here. Please welcome the new jellies that ride in from the swell!

What does this mean for Fluther? Only good things.

First, I’m moving up to San Francisco in a few weeks to join Ben and the rest of the team. Rest of the team, you ask? Yes, we’ve finally added to our Fluther family: please welcome Tim Trueman, our newest developer. You may have recognized him from his excellent posts here or here.

Before joining us, Tim worked for Yahoo Groups and then spent time building his own unmanned flying drones. He fits in really, really, well. Please give him your lurve!