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Fluther Podcast #3: The Playcast

12:42 am

In which Andrew & Erik play a game of Fluther Pictionary hoping that the collective will try to decipher their chicken–scratch.

Here’s the deal: Erik and I drew some of our favorite Fluther questions (and one not–really–a–question) and filmed it. It’s your job to guess what they are!

Submit your mighty guesses for all the categories to by Friday, July 25. One randomly-chosen correct entry will win a Fluther T-Shirt coupon.

If you’re feeling a wind of inspiration, make your own videos or pictures of your favorite Fluther questions and post them to the Fluther group on Vimeo!

(Watch it in full-screen! It’s in HD!)

Video by our very own Judy Prays.
Music by The New Orleans Klezmer All Stars.

Creative Commons LicenseThe Fluther Podcast #3: Fluther Playcast by & Judy Prays is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.