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Flutherbot 2.0

3:59 am

With great exhaustion, we present to you the new and improved Flutherbot.

After the lengthy alpha stage, he’s new and improved — and instead of spamming you with a bunch of questions, you can control how often he gives you questions with our new notification settings. We’ve added Gmail/GTalk/Jabber support as well.

Additionally, we’re now notifying you when people give you comments and have improved when we send you activity emails (only one email when you’re logged out and get new activity) — and, again, this is a setting that you can turn off.

There were some issues during the deployment — so there may be some tiny snags in our little mechanical friend as we work out his kinks in the next few days, but rest assured, he’ll love you no matter what.

We’ve added some new easter eggs in Mr. Flutherbot as well — so treat him like a friend. A friend with a robotic brain that used to be annoying and has a propensity for breaking down.