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Greeting Contest Results

8:47 am

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Fluther Greeting Contest. We loved your answers!

We selected twenty of our favorite new greetings and added them into the rotation. You should start seeing them whenever you browse Fluther.

Here are the winning greetings…
From brownlemur:

“You had us at hello.”

From bulbatron9:

“We want to be just like you when we grow up!”

“Here comes your boss, look busy!”

From EmilyNathon:

“You make us weak in the knees.”

“Have you been working out? Thought so.”

“Well we don’t think you’re having a bad hair day.”

From Randy:

“Take your shoes off, stay a while.”

From scamp:

“You look good today, but your desk is a mess.”

From spendywatson:

“Take your coat off, stay a while.”

“You never cease to amaze us.”

“It’s almost like you never left.”

“That color looks great on you.”

“Tag, you’re it.”

From peedub:

“It’s you we’ve all been waiting for.”

“We kept a seat warm for you.”

“You’re welcome to stay on our couch if you like.”

“Have you changed shampoos?”

“That’s not true, you look nothing like the Chupacabra.”

“Yes, our wish came true.”

“Don’t tell anyone but you’re our favorite.”

Congratulations to those whose greetings were selected.

Special thanks to peedub, for asking the question that started it all.