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4:12 pm

We’ve been trying to keep it secret for quite a while now, but many of you have already figured it out:

Superstar Fluther member sferik (Erik Michaels-Ober) is now part of the Fluther Team! Andrew and I are thrilled to have him on board and we’re looking forward to sharing countless late nights, brainstorming sessions, and server emergencies with him (we’ve already had a few).

Erik is joining us part-time and has been key in making some of the architectural decisions we’ve been facing over the last month or so. And, in celebration, he’s just checked in his first round of changes–iPhone improvements. The highlights:

  • Search!
  • iPod Touch support
  • Disabled annoying zooming into input fields
  • URL bar auto-hiding
  • Lots of other little fixes and tweaks…

Plus, there’s a brand new icon, so make sure to add Fluther to your home screen!

We run a pretty tight ship around these parts, and we’re very confident that he’ll fit right it and keep moving Fluther towards Jellyfish Heaven, if it really exists.

So I’m sure you’ll join me in congratulating and welcoming sferik to the team. Bravo!