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Jellyshirt: The Fluther Tee

9:39 pm

We sold t-shirts a while ago, but for a variety of reasons* we weren’t satisfied. That’s because we’re hard to please. But thanks to the awesome guys at Insanely Great Tees, we’re very, very pleased:

These puppies are screen printed, which results in a much higher quality product, but also a limited supply. So if you want to get a piece of history, buy one now, before they’re gone.

Also, we decided to remove all text from these tees, making them ultra-premium. It’s just our logo of Dr. J, looking brilliant. That means it will be your job to talk about Fluther when people ask why you’re looking so hot.

Remember: the t-shirts themselves are American Apparel, which are super nice, and run small. Order appropriately.

Also, we now have international shipping, which was requested.

*in case anyone’s interested, we previously setup a store with GoodStorm, who later got bought by Zazzle. This alone required us to make a new store and raise our prices. Furthermore, we consistently had problems with GoodStorm related to printing quality, shipping speed and accuracy. And while they were nice about their mistakes, we really wanted the best for the collective. So we quit screwing around and got to work with our friends at Insanely Great Tees. They are head and shoulders above everyone else in terms of quality, service, and general goodness. Enjoy!