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New Greetings!

5:27 pm

We’ve added a few new greetings into the rotation, based on the question I asked:


“Oh, there’s that twinkle in your eye!”

“Ah, you’re just the one we were waiting for.”

“Who wants s’mores?”

“Won’t you be our neighbor?”

“My, don’t you look dapper!”

“Sit back and relax. We will do the dishes today.”

“You had us at @.”

“We dreamt about you last night.”

“You’re the cream in our coffee.”

“The Nobel Committee called; we told them you’re busy.”

“Have you gotten smarter? We thought so!”


Congratulations to aprilsimnelPnLeponymoushipster, poofandmook, Harp, Bluefreedom, AlfredaPrufrock, EmpressPixie and everyone else in the discussion for their contributions!