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SF Fluther Salon update

5:28 pm

The next salon is July 7th in SF! The guest list is limited to 30 people, though, so if you’d like to come, hurry up and send me information about you, what your expertise is and if you’d like to share it in a talk through PM or email at

We decided to experiment with providing an offline space for the primary purpose of Fluther (connecting people through knowledge). We did this partially to spread the Fluther gospel, but mostly because it sounded fun. Inspired by TED and The Moth, we began the Fluther Conversation Salon.

In lieu of a name tag, guests filled out an “ask me about” tag specifying their expertise – alleviating all the awkwardness of pre-party mingling.

Then we circled up and guests volunteered to lead a conversation about their chosen topic. They spoke for a few minutes and then the group asked them questions. We explored despotism, geocaching, BDSM, space exploration, hacking and film music. Each talk had a 10 minute time frame with some intense mingling breaks thrown in. It was a smash hit! In fact, it was hard to get people to leave.

One of our guests, Will McLafferty, said, “It’s what you wish parties were.”

It’s still in the beginning stages but we’re psyched about the outcome. Check out the photobooth results and the audio recordings of the conversations below.

Audio (soon to be on iTunes):

** For the rest of the pictures, check out the facebook album **