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SF Salon recap

11:20 am

First: subscribe to the official Fluther Salon Podcast. We’ll be releasing new episodes every week or so — we have all the LA talks and “Making Video Games” and “Olive Curing” from the SF salon. Make sure you subscribe to hear the next SF installment!

Our second salon was an interesting addition to the experiment.

The best part was that, again, discovering each other’s interests quickly seems to be social magic. People came in with their separate groupings – but by the end of the event, social barriers had been demolished. Everyone felt free to talk to anyone.

We were a bit disappointed by the venue and have decided that as we continue, we will definitely keep it to living rooms. Fostering intimacy is our first priority.

Our biggest challenge is the speaker-to-audience power relationship. In so many events, the expert lectures and has complete control over the information distribution. Our goal is to have a true conversation where the power is equally distributed amongst all who are present.

Check out the photobooth results below (click on any of the photos to see them larger), subscribe to the podcast and stay posted for future salons!