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9:47 am

I have a special treat for all you Flutherers. Two of our members, paulc and klass4, have created really nifty Fluther add-ons. We’re floored by their work — we love seeing our users re-envision the site in new ways.

First up is paulc’s Fluther user score visualizer. What a slick piece of Flash UI! If you’re like me, you can type in every Fluther member you think of to see how you size up, answering that age-old concern, “How did Erik get more points than me?!”

Fluther User Statistics Browser

Also feeding your addiction is klass4’s Mac OS X Dashboard widget. Now you can keep tabs on all those newly-minted questions begging for your attention.


I look forward to many more amazing, creative uses for Fluther once we publish our API for developers!