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The Fluther Interview: johnpowell

1:53 am

johnpowellWhat do computer skills, burritos, Pabst and dick punching have in common? That’s right, our very own johnpowell. He is a Fluther veteran (almost two years!), who is also a dedicated chat mod that was responsible for the introduction of Fluther chat rooms. His answers and questions are loved and appreciated by all. In addition, his willingness to go above and beyond what is expected in answers, has only garnered him more respect.

Here is the much awaited interview with this 10K member.

Fluther's Avatar You recently moved to Portland, how are you settling in?

johnpowell's Avatar I’m good. We have a nice house and most of my friends live up here. I was alone in a RV for a year, can anything be worse than that? I am happy.

Fluther's Avatar What are some of your personal hobbies/activities? What are some things you are trying to learn right now?

johnpowell's Avatar I like writing code. I have a few web based projects I am working on. So being a nerd and skateboarding are what I do. And I help take care of my sister’s kids while she is in school. I’m simple. Oh, I’m building a workshop for woodworking now. I’m trying to get the electrical stuff right first.

Fluther's Avatar Are you going back to college? What for?

johnpowell's Avatar I start in a few days. I am going to school to be a mechanic. I like fixing stuff and people will always have cars. I have a degree in Econ but I hate working in that area. Mechanics can live a nice life.

Fluther's Avatar If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would you do with the money? Also, would you change from Pabst to more expensive beer?

johnpowell's Avatar I like PBR. If I had unlimited funds I would try to make sure that the entire world had clean water, a good education, healthcare, and food. It is sad that so many go without the basics. I consider PBR a basic.

Fluther's Avatar How did you discover Fluther and what made you stay?

johnpowell's Avatar A thread on metafilter. I will leave it at that. I stayed because I loved the design and my question about a softcore porn show was answered in minutes. Yes, my first question was about a porn show on HBO in the early 90’s.

Fluther's Avatar What is one improvement you would like to see in Fluther?

johnpowell's Avatar A real chat room would be nice. Or at least a place where we could complain without cluttering up the front page.

Fluther's Avatar Are there any users you look up to or enjoy hearing from the most?

johnpowell's Avatar Kevbo. He is a good combo of wise and won’t kill you. But there are tons of other people. It would be hard to list all of them.

Fluther's Avatar What is the story behind wanting to punch people in the dick?

johnpowell's Avatar Ha. That was the stopping smoking thing. I quit and was on edge. It was bad. I had heard a song on and I said that I will punch you in the dick if you start smoking. I still will.

Fluther's Avatar What was your proudest moment on Fluther?

johnpowell's Avatar I was happy with the PBR question. The one on April Fools day last year.

Fluther's Avatar What are the other websites you frequent besides Fluther?

johnpowell's Avatar PopUrls and are my main time-drains.

Fluther's Avatar What is your favorite genre of music? Do you have any favorite songs or artists?

johnpowell's Avatar I like punk and hip-hop. Sage Francis is my recent ear pleaser. He is amazing. It is smart hip-hop.

Fluther's Avatar Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

johnpowell's Avatar I will probably figure out Twitter by then.

Fluther's Avatar Do you play any instruments?

johnpowell's Avatar The trumpet. But I suck at it. My buddy Travis taught me how to play the A-Team theme song. That is about all I can do.

Fluther's Avatar What is/are some TV shows you are embarrassed to admit that you watch?

johnpowell's Avatar Big Brother UK is my guilty pleasure. I just love the accents.

Fluther's Avatar What countries have you been to?

johnpowell's Avatar Most of Europe and North America. I went to Iceland too.

Fluther's Avatar What is the one country you really want to visit or revisit?

johnpowell's Avatar New Zealand is next on the list. Maybe this summer.

Fluther's Avatar If you had to choose between only one of the two for the rest of your life: burrito or beer, which would it be?

johnpowell's Avatar This is getting hard. You know my weaknesses. I pick beer. Pizza is good too.

Fluther's Avatar Do you have any pets?

johnpowell's Avatar I have a cat named “Random”. And I have some goldfish in a 15″H tank. Random is an all black female cat that just showed up. She looked bad and I gave her food. She never left. And I love her.
Our duck was killed by a raccoon

Fluther's Avatar What color jelly fish would you be?

johnpowell's Avatar My favorite color is green.

Fluther's Avatar What’s your favorite life lesson or quote?

johnpowell's Avatar This might sound stupid. But I try to make sure my conflicts are cleared up before I fall asleep.

Fluther's Avatar Is there something you would like to say to the Fluther community?

johnpowell's Avatar I would start with a “thank you”. I have enjoyed my time here.

Fluther's AvatarThank you for taking the time to answer these questions!