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The Fluther Interview: shilolo

3:05 pm

It’s hard not to be intrigued by hazmat suit-wearing Fluther user, shilolo. Is that really him in there?

We asked him what his username and avatar were all about and more…

Fluther's AvatarHow did you find Fluther?

I saw the New York Times piece, checked it out, signed up and have  been coming back every day since.

Fluther's AvatarHow much time do you spend on Fluther each week?

Probably about 2–3 hours per day, but I often will leave the screen open and surf around for 5–10 minutes at a time. Its hard to gauge exactly.

Fluther's AvatarWhat’s the meaning of your username?

I have had many nicknames over time. This was one of my old, high school nicknames that I decided to use as my username.

Fluther's AvatarHow did you choose your avatar image?

Well, I have had two avatars. The first was a cute picture of my son. The second (and current avatar) is a picture of me dressed up for my daily work. Since I work with a dangerous bacteria every day, I have to wear protective equipment, just like in the movies.

Fluther's AvatarHave you told anyone you know about Fluther?

I’ve told a few friends and family. Part of me wants to share my experience with everyone, another part wants to keep it quiet so as to maintain my anonymity.

Fluther's AvatarWhat was your proudest moment on Fluther?

I’d say that I feel a tinge of pride every time that I can really help someone.

Fluther's AvatarWhat other websites do you regularly visit?

New York Times, BBC, Slate, Pandora, Pubmed, and a large number of science and medicine journals.

Fluther's AvatarIf you were a jellyfish, what color jellyfish would you be, and why?

I’m fond of the bioluminescent deep sea jellyfish.

Fluther's AvatarThanks for taking the time to answer our questions!