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The Fluther Interview: Trying something new

9:01 pm

Hey guys! I know it has been some time since the last interview and so hopefully you are looking forward to a new one. Based on the thoughtful suggestions given by all of you in this thread, I have decided it is time to add a new component to the interviews.

Since the whole point of Fluther interviews is to let the community learn more about one of their very own, it makes sense for you to have a more active role in the process. Use the comments section below to play interviewer and suggest questions that you would like to see asked in the next Fluther interview. Since we are trying this for the first time, we will be incorporating only a few questions into the interview so please don’t be offended if yours isn’t one of them! The questions selected will be based on creativity and how well they relate to the interviewee.

The next Fluther interviewee is our favorite British ex-Fluther community manager (see what I did there) richardhenry.

Please have your questions submitted by 11th September, 2009. Ready set go.