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The Fluther Interview: Valhalla30

12:04 am

Valhalla30I’m very pleased to be introducing a new blog feature: The Fluther Interview.

Every couple weeks, we’re going to select a member of the collective and ask them a few questions about themselves so that we can all get to know each other a little better.

In the very first installment, we decided to interview a new user, Valhalla30.

Fluther's AvatarWhy did you decide to join Fluther?

Valhalla30's AvatarI saw some really interesting questions that I had also wondered about and thought it would be a great way to learn new things and spread around some of my own expertise!

Fluther's AvatarWhat was the first question you asked?

Valhalla30's AvatarI asked how I could tell whether or not my friend was addicted to Xanax. I got some great feedback and even some private comments addressing my concern. Being so new, I thought it was great that members reached out to communicate with me.

Fluther's AvatarHow did you feel when you got your first answer?

Valhalla30's AvatarI was SO excited! I was watching it and it said that a user was “crafting a response” and I loved how it was happening in real time. I was like, “Wow someone has a response! This is great!” It was great knowing that there were others out there interested in satisfying the curiosity of others.

Fluther's AvatarWhat was your proudest moment on Fluther?

Valhalla30's AvatarI started a thread asking what we were all doing home on a Saturday night. It created quite the busy thread! That was fun.

Fluther's AvatarWere you aware that it received more responses than any question asked on Fluther to date (currently 134)?

Valhalla30's AvatarOh my gosh! I had no idea! That is just great. That was my first day on Fluther. I am thrilled everyone got so involved.

Fluther's AvatarWhy do you think it sparked so much discussion?

Valhalla30's AvatarI think everyone wanted to defend their reason for being home on a Saturday night!

Fluther's AvatarWhich Fluther user do you most look up to?

Valhalla30's Avatarjohnpowell. I enjoy his replies and he asks interesting questions that are very thought provoking.

Fluther's AvatarWhat other websites do you regularly visit?

Valhalla30's AvatarThe Onion, Cute Overload, The Superficial

Fluther's AvatarIf you were a jellyfish, what color would you be?

Valhalla30's AvatarI would be a translucent, electric blue because I think that fits my personality. Bright and easy to read.

Fluther's AvatarThanks so much for your time!