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The Fluther Interview: whatthefluther and sccrowell Part two

7:00 pm

This is part two of the interview with whatthefluther (Gary) and sccrowell (Sherry). If you missed part 1, read that first here. The Fluther community wishes this jelly couple a happy and long life together as husband and wife.

Fluther's AvatarHave you two done a lot of traveling? If so, which are your favorite destinations?

whatthefluther's Avatar Gary: over the years, I have done quite a bit, mostly within the United States visiting National Parks and Monuments and attending automobile and motorcycle races. I have made multiple visits to Canada to go salmon fishing and Mexico to motorcycle, fish, eat, drink and party. I have many tequila and cerveza clouded memories from Cabo San Lucas. I went on two cruises post-diagnosis cruising the west coast of Canada up into Alaska as well as Greece, Turkey and several of the Mediterranean Islands including Rhodes, which was home to my Dad’s family for many generations.

Sherry: My traveling has been restricted to the United States. My longest trip was about five weeks across the country competing in several professional rodeos in the barrel racing event. I did well enough to cover all my expenses including a rather steep veterinarian bill, and still brought home quite a few dollars and a trophy saddle!

Fluther's AvatarSherry – What are some of your favorite past times?

sccrowell's AvatarI love to read and Gary just bought me the coolest Kindle 2 which I absolutely love. I also enjoy spending time playing with our four year old adorable puppies and tending to my avocado orchard and prize roses. I love to bring beautiful scenes to life by stained glass painting them on windows and mirrors. Unfortunately, we don’t see my mother, daughters and grandchildren often enough due to distance.

Fluther's AvatarAre there any users you have grown really close to or look up to?

whatthefluther's AvatarPast interviewees probably wisely avoided answering this question for fear of excluding someone, but we’ll give it a shot, although it will be a long list. The first jelly that stood out and impressed us with his honesty and humor was johnpowell, who was obviously well respected by everyone. Gailcalled also stood out: worldy, very bright and patiently helpful…she was the first jelly we both grew close to with many PMs back and forth. We continue to be in awe of Kevbo’s handling of the topics of depression and suicide and believe he has had a huge impact on the lives of flutherites who reached out for help, as has, of course, our chief of medicine, shilolo. Then there’s the archetypical flutherers, Marina, cwilbur, and of course Harp, who regularly post clear and concise responses and could teach classes on the subject. There are quite a few newer flutherites that have impressed us in this same regard including dalepetrie, Darwin, and jeruba. Lefteh is wise well beyond his young age and we have seen some rather impressive younger kids recently. We are always on the lookout for posts by you – PnL, PupnTaco (dave), and of course, Dog, all of whom we consider friends. The jellies that really keep us in stitches include Astrochuck, peedub, jonsblondejon, eponymoushipster and for completely off-the-wall humor, psyla leads the way.

Sherry’s fluther friends include richardhenry, robmandu, mcbealer and knotmyday, whose recent absence has her a bit worried. I felt an immediate connection with wildflower halfway around the world and SuperMouse, a transplanted Southern California girl, halfway across the country and I swear I lived a parallel life with scamp but on different sides of the country. I have grown close to a couple of very remarkable women, augustlan and cak and lurve them both. I once got in a huge difference of opinion with uberbatman who handled himself with dignity and class and who I now count among my closest friends on fluther. There are many, many more. We’d also like to acknowledge the fine job all the moderators do and as for Bendrew, we are very grateful they have chosen to share their home with us and always make us feel comfortable here.

Fluther's AvatarHave you had any correspondence with Jellies outside of the site?

whatthefluther's AvatarI have had correspondence with a few flutherers outside of fluther and have a somewhat humorous story to share that involved one of them….
One evening, a couple of months ago, Sherry was visiting with a couple of friends in the living room while I was holed up in another room. Feeling rather lonely, I sent a text message to Sherry suggesting she end her visit and join me for some conversation, or some such activity. I received a positive response and sure enough, shortly thereafter I heard her guests leave and Sherry joined me. However, it quickly became apparent that we were not quite on the same page so I asked her if she had read and understood my text message before responding. Imagine my surprise when she advised she sent nothing and furthermore, she received no text from me. I quickly grabbed my iPhone and discovered my errant fingers had accidentally sent my text to Peedub with whom I had had several eBay transactions (eBay seller id vintage_nonstop, web address, marvelous vintage clothing and accessories at very fair prices). Thank goodness it was Peedub, who as fellow flutherers know, has a wonderful sense of humor. Actually, make that a rather bizarre sense of humor in as much as he responded affirmatively to my text message and has maintained the conversation in his iPhone to this day. He was kind enough to provide the following screen shot (mildly NSFW).

You’ve got to love Peedub!!! I know, we do!!!

Fluther's AvatarIf you won the lottery tomorrow, what would you do with the money?

sccrowell's AvatarWe are extremely comfortable, so most would go to fight hunger, help underprivileged kids, provide education opportunities, and of course the ALS Foundation.

Fluther's AvatarGary – you mentioned on a thread that you are an ex-smoker. What motivated you to quit? How long have you been smoke-free?

whatthefluther's AvatarActually, I quit cigarettes some time ago and stayed smoke free from tobacco for awhile but then took up smoking imported cigarillos which I don’t inhale but are certainly not healthy.

Fluther's AvatarWhat are other websites that you two frequent besides Fluther?

sccrowell's AvatarGary: For me, they fit two categories: sites where I spend money such as amazon and eBay and sites where I pay my bills.

Sherry: Since my computer recently crashed (due to operator error), my on-line experience is limited to for apps and for XP Support on my iPhone.

Fluther's AvatarIf you had to describe each other in a sentence (or two), what would you say?

whatthefluther's AvatarGary: Sherry is beautiful and sexy, exciting and inspirational, very bright and funny as hell, lovable and loving; remarkably strong and patient, a very caring and understanding woman. She is my angel and I’m a very, very lucky guy.

Sherry: Well, Gary tends to be wordy but he is sincere, smart gorgeous and very funny and I love him with all my heart.

Fluther's AvatarWould you like to say something to the Fluther community?

sccrowell's AvatarThank you for making us feel welcome from the start and for being such great friends. We appreciate and respect the time and effort that Bendrew, the moderators and each and every one of you put into making this such a remarkable site. We hope we have, in some small way, made a positive contribution to this fine community. Thank you all for making us think and making us laugh. You have enriched our lives…we lurve you all.

Fluther's AvatarThank you for taking the time to answer these questions!