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Meet the Mods: Part III

1:56 am

Welcome to Part III of an ongoing series. This week, we introduce you to markyy and MissAnthrope. Thanks again for all you do, mods!

In case you missed them, you can catch Part I here, and Part II here.



Mark is 25 years old, and lives in the Netherlands. He’s our only mod from a non-native English-speaking country. He’s mastered the language so well, you’d swear his first words were “Flame off, folks!”

Education/dream job: I don’t remember growing up with big dreams, like becoming a police officer or firefighter. Instead, I grew up with a fascination for figuring out how stuff works and how to recreate it myself. When we got a magic box (read: computer), it fascinated me to no end and I wanted to learn everything about it that I could. Eventually, this led me to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Design. I’m currently considering returning to school to study Computer Science in order to become a software engineer, like I’ve wanted to ever since I got that first computer.

Interests/hobbies: At those rare moments I’m not behind a computer, you can find me at the gym or community pool, attempting to water paint, reading, or watching Formula 1.

Family status: Black sheep. Heh.

Pets: None, at the moment. Unless you count the stray cat who sleeps under our porch every night, and the fish in our pond (who I manage to almost kill every time I’m tasked with feeding them.)

Why do you volunteer your time to Fluther?: I came to Fluther for the discussion, stuck around a little longer to answer questions that dealt with solving a problem, but decided to stay when I fell in love with the people and the community. I joined the mod team because it mostly consists of Americans who are, understandably, not very active during the European daytime hours. And of course, because I’m forever in Fluther’s debt for introducing me to peanut butter and pickle sandwiches. This is the only way I can work off that debt!



Alena is 34 years old, and lives in the Bay Area in California. On the mod team, she is well known for coining the phrase “We like Fluther to appear smart and spiffy!” We immediately stole it from her adopted it as our own.

Favorite quote: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” – Plato

Family status: Single. At least until Anna Torv calls. ~

Pets: Kali (cat) and Bubble and Squid (goldfish)

Education: My field is Wildlife Biology. I’m still working on a degree.

Day job: I just started working at a great new restaurant. So far, I’m loving it!

Dream job: Travel writer or photographer for National Geographic. Or, you know, Time Travel Explorer.

Why do you volunteer your time to Fluther?: Auggie made me.


Please join us next time for installment Four. See you then!